Our Charlottetown location has just been recently renovated and upgraded. We now have more space and a beautiful new look to our store, and we’re just a few doors up from our original location on Queen St.

In addition to books, we also offer Art Supplies, Hydrographic Charts/Tide Tables, and Stationery. Come on in and see us in downtown Charlottetown, or for our friends from away, send in a note or your special orders from the website.

Hope to see you there soon!


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A celebration of books and reading!

Posted on: April 24th, 2016 by Lori

DAVID DENBY, staff writer and former film critic at the New Yorker and the author of LIT UP One Reporter. Three Schools. Twenty-four Books That Can Change Lives is coming to Bookmark

LIT UP is a dramatic narrative that traces awkward and baffled beginnings but also exciting breakthroughs and the emergence of pleasure in reading.  In a sea of bad news about education and the fate of the book, Denby reaffirms the power of great teachers and the importance of an inspiration provided by great books.  A delight in itself, LIT UP will make readers fall in love with reading all over again, and send them rushing to their nearest bookstore or library.


Praise for LIT UP

“Part literary meditation, part case study of exemplary teaching, LIT UP traces a diverse group of adolescents as they are drawn into the ‘character-forming experience of reading difficult books’ by their ardent and caring (and, as duly noted, union) teachers….Denby’s engrossing report from the field has a narrative arc of its own: his story concerns how disaffected and/or disadvantaged high schoolers can become thoughtful, independent readers when their teachers have the freedom to construct their own curriculum so that students connect emotionally with what they read.” Booklist, Starred review

“A readable work recommended to anyone who agrees that reading widely is vital to a productive, fulfilling life.” Library Journal

“Energetic and engaged”Publishers Weekly

“An upbeat portrait of fine teachers and the students they inspire.” Kirkus Reviews

Join us for Books & Beer on May 1st!

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Authors For Indies Day – April 30th, 2016

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Author Event – Jaime Lee Mann

Posted on: December 4th, 2015 by Lori


Join us Saturday, December 19th as author Jaime Lee Mann is in store at 11:00am signing ‘The Legend of Rhyme‘ series.

“Four-year-old Asher Caine vanishes while playing near the woods one day with his sister Ariana. Eventually, his family believes him to be dead. In the Kingdom of Falmoor, twins are cursed. Ever since the evil sorcerer Larque turned the good witch Elora to stone, all twins in the Kingdom are doomed to separate, either through death or mysterious disappearances. Now about to turn thirteen, Ariana learns that her brother is alive, and she must find him in order to save Falmoor. With their magic blood and powerful bond, the Caine twins must release Elora from her stone imprisonment. Only then will Larque be stopped from spreading darkness throughout the kingdom. Will the twins find each other in time? Can they save Falmoor from evil and remove the curse of the twins forever?”

When: Saturday, December 19th, 11:00am
Where: Bookmark, Charlottetown