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Why I Read!
"Books never really end. They stay with you, good or bad, and can float into your mind quite without warning. Years later, the faint embers of a line drift across your conscience or a place you have visited only in print flickers by. The name of a character whirls around the brain like that of a primary school classmate. Books take root. A book alters you, only in a minor way and sometimes fleetingly, but you're never completely the same when you've finished as you were on page one." 
Daniel Gray in Scribbles in the Margins 50 Eternal Delights of Books
Please join us for a free public lecture by author Steven Mannell as he recounts stories from the design and construction of the Ark for Prince Edward Island, a bioshelter that "[wove] together the sun, wind, biology, and architecture for the benefitof humanity" integrating ecological design ffeatures to provide a self-reliant life for a family.

The lecture will be followed by a book signing. Refreshments will be served. For more details, please see our event page.

Spring Book Preview

The Globe & Mail's Most Anticipated Books For The First Half of 2018
From hot debuts to heralded returns, novels to soon-to-be-dog-eared cookbooks, 2018 is lining up a bumper crop for bibliophiles. Read the reviews here.