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New Prince Edward Island Books 
We have a collection of works from Island authors you just won't find anywhere else.
Island Girl
Jackie Muise
Paperback | May 2021
11 in store $22.95
Ben of the Island
Terrilyn Kerr
Paperback | Jul 2021
3 in store $15.00
A Tale of Two Fiddlers
Fred MacDonald
Paperback | Jun 2021
25+ in store $22.95
Ancient Land, New Land
A J B Johnston
Paperback | May 2021
sold out $24.95
(on order)
The Rosary and the Rifle
Ernie MacAulay
Paperback | May 2021
25+ in store $19.95
A Sea Glass Journey
Teri Hall
Paperback | May 2021
2 in store $22.95
If, When
Bren Simmers
Paperback | Apr 2021
10 in store $19.95
My island's the house I sleep in at night
Laurie Brinklow
Paperback | Apr 2021
23 in store $18.95
The Chemistry of Innovation
Mo Duffy Cobb
Paperback | Mar 2021
16 in store $34.95
An Introduction to Island Studies
James Randall
Paperback | Oct 2020
4 in store $39.95

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