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Why I Read!
"Books never really end. They stay with you, good or bad, and can float into your mind quite without warning. Years later, the faint embers of a line drift across your conscience or a place you have visited only in print flickers by. The name of a character whirls around the brain like that of a primary school classmate. Books take root. A book alters you, only in a minor way and sometimes fleetingly, but you're never completely the same when you've finished as you were on page one." 
Daniel Gray in Scribbles in the Margins 50 Eternal Delights of Books

Books make the perfect gift!
Our 2019 Christmas catalog is now available. You can click here to see the digital version. 

Books make wonderful gifts and this year’s catalogue contains some of our favourite new books of the season. Many people ask us what we are reading so we have showcased some of our booksellers’ favourite reads from the last year in our staff pick section. To top it all off, we have lots of fun items that every booklover will appreciate including bookish gifts; puzzles & games; and pens & paper. We hope you will make Bookmark your Christmas gift buying destination! We look forward to seeing you in the store this holiday season and thank you in advance for shopping local

The British Invasion
Did you know that we carry titles from the UK that are not readily available in Canada? Ask us about special orders.
New Prince Edward Island Books