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New Prince Edward Island Books 
We have a collection of works from Island authors you just won't find anywhere else.
The Recital
Kimberly Mooney
11 in store $23.75
The Lamonts of Lyndale
Harold S MacLeod
9 in store $29.95
Poison in the Porridge
David Weale
25+ in store $19.95
Red Vol 24 Fall/Winter 2020
David Weale
25+ in store $11.95
Ben of the Island
Terilyn Kerr
Paperback | May 2020
2 in store $15.00
An Introduction to Island Studies
James Randall
Paperback | Oct 2020
6 in store $39.95
The Wood Island Munns
Catherine Munn Smith
3 in store $14.95
Broken Crayons
Patsy Dingwell
Paperback | Oct 2020
19 in store $14.95
Jaya's Magic Wheelchair
Marlene Bryenton
5 in store $12.95
Esther of Farringford
Lynne Thiele
3 in store $15.00

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Bookmark's 2020 Christmas Gift Guide
Here is our 2020 Christmas Gift Guide. It's 48 pages and includes over 450 books, games & puzzles and stationery items.

A customer favourite in this annual guide is our bookseller's picks
. We get lots of positive feedback about these and requests for more so we have expanded this year's offering.

Bookmark’s booksellers are passionate book people and an eclectic group of readers with wide ranging interests. We collectively read hundreds of books a year, talk about hundreds and hundreds more within our community of readers and love to be asked the question, ‘What are you reading?’ For us, it is quite a thrill to share a favourite book and see others fall in love with it. We believe that these very human-to-human recommendations will beat a computer-to-human, algorithm-generated recommendation every time! So, we excited to share our 2020 list of favourite books as well as some of our perennial favourites. You can shop our catalogue staff picks and more here.

We hope you enjoy browsing the catalogue and we look forward to seeing you in-store. You can shop the catalogue online using the lists below.
Gifts for Bibliophiles
Kids Books
Atlantic Publishers
Young Adult
Graphic Novels
Armchair Travel
Books from the UK
Arts & Letters & Poetry
Business & Personal Growth
Gardening & Homesteading
Current Events
Black Lives Matter
Science & Nature
Beautiful Classic Editions
Scholastic Best Bets Fall 2020
Puzzles, Puzzles and More Puzzles
We carry a large selection of Cobble Hill, Ravensburger, Cavallini and Eurographics brand puzzles.
New Fountain Pens
New Stationery products
RED Magazine
Shop RED Magazine!
The Island Magazine
Shop The Island Magazine!
"I think that I still have it in my heart someday to paint a bookshop with the front yellow and pink in the a light in the midst of the darkness." Vincent van Gogh