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Why I Read!
“Speaking personally, to read or not to read is like asking to starve or not to starve. I am still attached to the illusion that I can lay a hand on a book and feel its heat”
C.D. Wright


Bookmark Reading Rewards Program 

Updated and Improved

Bookmark Reading Rewards is our way of saying thanks! Our program rewards loyal booklovers who choose to support our independent bookstore. Joining is easy and free.
Bookmark recently installed new point of sale software (POS). In the past, Bookmark tracked the Rewards Program separately, outside of the point of sale. This system was cumbersome and while it tracked points, it didn’t track book purchase information that many customers expected us to be able to provide. This was one of the factors that led us to changing our POS system.
Our new software offers a very robust solution to recording detailed information on your book purchases and rewards, however it requires a change to the mechanics of how rewards are allocated.
Under the original allocation, 1 point was awarded for every book purchased, and after 10 points were accumulated, a 30% discount was awarded on a book of your choice.
The new allocation will award 6 points on every dollar spent, after 1,000 points are earned, a $10 credit is available. Credits can accumulate and credits earned can still be used on a book of your choice.
The intent is to maintain the current value of our Rewards Program. We are only changing how points are allocated, and in fact, the value of the program has improved. Here’s the math based on average book prices –
Points Awarded  1 point per book   purchased Points Awarded  6 points for every   dollar spent
Average book price $17.92 Average book price $17.92
Average value of 10 books $179.20 Average value of 10 books $179.20
Average value of 30% discount $9.90 Average value earned $10.75
Your accumulated points to April 24th can still be used towards a 30% discount, i.e. if you have 8 points accumulated, you can use them on a book of your choice and receive a 24% discount.

Most of us don’t like change, but we believe the benefits of this change are worth it. Here are some of the benefits – 
  • Every dollar you spend* now earns rewards. Your point balance is printed on your receipt and we will alert you when you have a cash credit available to spend.
  • Our new system eliminates any potential for human error.
  • Our new system will allow us to award points at out of store author events.
  • We will have a record of every book you purchased at Bookmark.
 Fine Print
  1. Bookmark Rewards cannot be earned in combination with other discounts.
  2. * Other than Bargain books, products discounted will not earn rewards.
  3. Unused points may expire if not used within two years.
That's it.